New Years Resolution #1: Update blog more

by Christopher Gevers

First of all, my apologies for the intermittant posts towards the end of 2011. I've made it my New Years Resolution to update the blog more regularly. Thanks to Max for 'carrying' the blog while I was absent. As a result of my incompetence, there are a number of posts that should have been posted earlier that are only going up now. In addition to Max's submission to the Russell Tribunal from November 2011 (below), there is also a submission we made to South Africa's Parliament on the Geneva Convention's Bill, a short paper on Prosecuting Grand Corruption as an International Crime and some reflections on the PTC's now-thoroughly-reviewed Malawi non-cooperation decision: all of which I will post this week. My apologies for the delayed and consequently anachronistic posts, I trust they will be of some (albeit diminished) value. Finally, I've uploaded a full version of my paper titled 'Immunity, Cooperation and the Implementation Legislation of Kenya, Uganda and South Africa' (see post below) on ssrn (here).

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