'Openspace' on International Criminal Justice

Christopher Gevers

The new edition of Openspace magazine dedicated to 'International Criminal Justice' is out. According to the Editors:

The current Openspace on International Criminal Justice
has a wealth of information, analysis and comment about this critical
and increasingly controversial concept. And there is something for
everyone – from a succinct Beginner's Guide to a sweeping overview of
developments in the field to academic articles on a diverse range of

In addition to my modest contribution (A Beginners Guide to International Criminal Law) there are a number of interesting articles as well, covering inter alia:

  • the dispute between the
    International Criminal Court and Africa,
    or more specifically the African Union (and the role of the new Prosecutor in it, if any);

  • the role that the African Court on Justice and Human Rights can and should
    play in relation to international crimes;

  • lessons to be learned from the experiences of the mixed tribunal in Cambodia;

  • the successes and failures of the outreach programme conducted by the
    Special Court on Sierra Leone;

  • the post-ICTR duty of African states (if any) to apprehend and prosecute
    suspected genocidaires;

  • the trial and conviction of Lt. Colonel Kibibi for rape and crimes against
    humanity in the DRC (and an award-winning set of photos);

  • the long search for justice by the victims of the infamous Kilwa massacre,
    who took their case against a Canadian-Australian mining company to the Quebec

  • the prosecution of Grand Corruption as an international crime.

All of the articles can be downloaded here. Alternatively, Openspace can be ordered from the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa. A copy of my Beginners Guide is available here. While I make no warranty regarding the content, the Monocle-inspired graphics are great!

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